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2 2018-01-29 Bonik Barta Economics of Nature Based Tourism weblink
1 2018-01-01 Bonik Barta Gold Coin to Crypto Currency – a story of change weblink
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10 2017-11-29 Bonikbarta (in Bangla) Digital money or business with digital money – which one? Weblink
9 2017-11-25 Financial Express Bangladesh River, people and water –A story of alienation Weblink
8 2017-11-15 Financial Express Bangladesh Handwashing awareness campaign – Does it work? Weblink
7 2017-10-12 Bonik Barta On Efficiency of Relief Operations – anniversary issue weblink
6 2017-09-17 Bonik Barta on instability in the rice marketo (in Bangla) weblink
5 2017-08-20 Bonik Barta Economics of Volunteerism and Our Education Policy (in Bangla) weblink
4 2017-07-17 Bonik Barta Competitive Markets and Role of Competition Commission (in Bangla) weblink
3 2017-05-21 Bonik Barta What we do with the Budget? (in Bangla) weblink
2 2017-04-23 Bonik Barta Globalization and Happiness (in Bangla) weblink
1 2017-01-02 Bonik Barta Thoughts on the Economy for 2017 (in Bangla) 20170102-bonikbarta weblink
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9 2016-12-07 Bonik Barta Economics of Change in Education (in Bangla) 20161207-economics-of-change-in-education weblink
8 2016-11-21 Bonik Barta Story of Demonetization and Black Money (in Bangla) 20161122-bonikbarta-story-of-demontization-of-rupee Weblink
7 2016-09-21 Bonik Barta Economics of Passing [public] Exams(in Bangla) 20160921-bonikbarta-economics-of-passing-exams weblink
6 2016-07-14 Bonik Barta BREXIT – what will happen to BD? (in Bangla) 20160714 on Brexit weblink
5 2016-07-03 Financial Express BREXIT YES – What will happen now? 20160703 Financial Express BREXIT YES what next weblink
4 2016-06-23 Bonik Barta Environment is for people and people are not for environment 20160623 on Environment weblink
3 2016-04-24 Bonik Barta পানামা পেপার্স ও একটি মাটির ব্যাংক – Panama Papers and a Piggy Bank 20160424 on Panama Papers Weblink
2 2016-04-12 Bonkin Barta Globalization and 21st Century Education System 20160412 on 21st Century Education System weblink
1 2016-1-31 Bonik Barta গার্মেন্ট শ্রমিকরে সাতকাহন – Life of Garment Workers 2016-01-31 WeblinkWebLink2
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13 2015-12-19 Bonik Barta (spl edition) – Kriti Mukh Dr. Farashuddin – a Teacher and an Educationist 20151219 bonik barta Weblink
14 2015-11-29 Financial Express Economics of Climate Change 20151129 Economics of climate change _ VIEWS & OPINION _ The financial express Weblink
12 2015-11-18 Bonik Barta On Angus Deaton – Nobel Laureate in Economics and Micro Data Analysis (in Bangla) 20151118 on Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton Weblink
11 2015-09-20 Bonik Barta VAT on Education – Economic analysis (in Bangla) 20150920 bonik barta on VAT and Education Click
10 2015-08-23 Bonik Barta Is poverty alleviation impossible in Bangladesh? (in Bangla) 20150823 bonikbarta weblink
9 2015-07-14 Bonik Barta On Greece Economic Crisis (in Bangla) 20150714 ak enamul haq sir on gr Weblink
8 2015-06-11 Bonik Barta On Boat People in the Bay of Bengal – an economic analysis (in Bangla 20150611 Boat People বণিক বার্তা _ নৌকায় ভাসা মানুষ Weblink
7 2015-05-21 Bonik Barta On tax collection- easy way to remove shame of the nation (in Bangla) 20150521 বণিক বার্তা _ জাতির লজ্জা দূর করার সহজ উপায় Weblink
6 2015-05-11 Energy Bangla Press Clipping: On Fuel Subsidy 2015-05-15 Energy Bangla on Fuel Subsidy weblink
5 2015-04-30 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Three proposals for the next budget (of Bangladesh) 20150430 bonik barta Weblink
4 2015-04-16 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Traffic Congestion and a Few Fiscal Proposals 20150416 ak enamul haq weblink
3 2015-03-14 Daily Observer Press Clipping: Lead News on Subsidy 2015-03-14 Observer part 2 1 1_r2_c6
2 2015-02-26 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Economics of Solar Electricity Feb 25 2015 Weblink
1 2015-01-21 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Using Demand and Supply Theories to Improve Education System Jan 21 2015 bonikbarta Weblink


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1 2014-12-09 Bonik Barta (special supplement) বণিক বার্তা বিশেষ সংখ্যা The Way I saw Professor Wahiduddin Mahmud আমার দেখা ওয়াহিদ স্যার বণিক বার্তা আমার দেখা ওয়াহিদ স্যার Dec 9 2014
2 2014-09-29 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা What type of investment do we need? 140929 What type of Investment do we need?
3 2014-08-13 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Economics of Healthcare Management for Bangladesh 13 aug 2014 বণিক বার্তা মধ্যম আয়ের দেশের স্বাস্থ্য ব্যবস্থার অর্থনীতি Economics of Health Care Management for Bangladesh
4 2014-07-10 The Financial Express Comments on Investment in Bangladesh   Economic downturn halts but recovery remains fragile FIRST PAGE Financial Express Financial Newspaper of Bangladesh
5 2014-05-12 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Economics of Gold Smuggling   Bonikbarta May 12 2014
6 2014-05-10 Prothom Alo প্রথম আলো Interview on Economic page prothom alo 2014_05_10_13_1_b Economic page
7 2014-05-05 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Economics of Question Paper LeaksLink to Bonik Barta May 5 2014 বণিক বার্তা May 5 2014
8 2014-03-31 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Economics of Transportation System   Dhaka’s transportation economics(pdf)
9 2014-02-26 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Need to Understand Investment Climate Feb 26 2014 weblink
10 2014-01-01 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Thoughts on the Economy in 2014 Jan 1 2014  


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1. 2013-03-07 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Measurement of Cost of Hartal – some flaws March 7 2013  
2. 2013-05-29 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা Accident in Rana Plaza – In Search of the Causes may 29, 2013  
3. 2013-06-20 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা মধ্যম আয়ের পথে বাংলাদেশ – আসুন আমরা নিরাপদ পথ তৈরি করি, Bangladesh towards a middle income country – let us build a safe path   June 20 2013
4. 2013-02 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা জরিমানার অর্থনীতি – Economics of fines   February 2013
5. 2013-04-30 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা মুক্তি চাই গতাণুগতিক বাজেট চিন্তা থেকে – In search of freedom from traditional thinking on budget April 30 2012  
6. 2013-07-23 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা কোটা ব্যবস্থার অর্থনীতি –Economics of Quota System July 23 2013  
7. 2013-07-27 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা অর্থই নাকি সকল অনর্থের মূল –Money is the root cause of all evils july 27 2012  
8. 2013-08-25 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা সাফল্য গাৎথা কার? – Whose success is this? august 25 2013  
9. 2013-09-25 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা দূর্নীতি ও দূরনীতি দমন কমিশন –Corruption and Anti-Corruption Commission sept 5 2013


10. 2013-10-20 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা হলমার্ক কেলেংকরী – ভিন্ন ভাবনা – Hallmark scandal and some thoughts   october 20 2013
11. 2013-11-02 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা কোম্পানী আইনের সংশোধন নাকি প্রয়োজন প্রতারণা নিয়ন্ত্রণ আইন? Amend or Write a new law to control fraudulent activities?   Nov 2 2012 Banik Barta
12. 2013-12 Bonik Barta বণিক বার্তা আগামী বছরের অর্থনীতি – কিছু ভাবনা – Some Thoughts on the New Year   december 2013


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10 2009-05-19 Daily Star Living with disasters living with disaster  
11 2011-01-01 Ittefaq ইত্তেফাক Agricultural Development cannot be done without developing farmers ইত্তেফাক ১ 20110101ittefaq2 20110101ittefaq3 20110101ittefaq4 ইত্তেফাক ১ জানুয়ারি ২০১১
lt;pgt;12 2008-01-17 Aamardesh আমার দেশ Volatile rice market and ignored economics   Aamardesh Jan 17 2008
lt;pgt;13 2007-06-20 Aamardesh আমার দেশ The Ghost of Syndicate in the Rice Market   সিন্ডিকেট তত্ত্ব
14 2007-04-24 Economic Research Group with Sajjad Zohir Oil Price Increase:An assessment of impacts and policy recommendations   oil paper_erg
15 2007-04-24 Economic Research Group What is Inflation and why?   inflation bangla
16 2009-11-25 Economic Research Group An Assessment of Climate Change on ADPof Bangladesh   Climage Change
17 2001 March The Independent Preservation of Sundarban Mangrove Forests    
19 2000 Sep-Dec বিচয়ন Bichayan (a Bangla quarterly on Environment and Development) Is there a true conflict between environment and development?    
20 2000 July অর্থনীতি Arthaniti (special issue on Environment) Comments on our Tax System    
21 2000 March (26) The Independent Can We Expect a Green Budget in 2000?    
22 1999 April (30) The Independent Economic Freedom in Bangladesh since 1990: Long way to graduate    
23 1999 February (19) The Independent Power Crisis: What is the Option?    
24 1998 March (8) The Independent Natural Gas and Regulations: the US case and some lessons    
25 1998 March (6) The Independent (Supplement on Gas and Oil Sector in Bangladesh) The Game of Gas Exploration – fair price or fair return.    
26 1997 Nov (15) The Independent Need for a National Gas Extraction Policy    
27 1996 Aug (6-7) The Independent Market Based Strategies for Development    
28 1996 July (18) The Independent The Concept of Subsidy and Bangladesh Agriculture    
29 1996 July (16) The Independent DSE Price Index Crosses 1000 points – What next?    
30 1996 July (5) Weekend Independent Traffic Problem of Dhaka City: Causes and Solutions (this was developed as part of a course work and is coauthored by two NSU students)    
31 1996 Jan (25) The Independent Dhaka Waste Management – a grim tale(this was developed as part of a course work and is coauthored by a NSU student)    
32 1996 Jan (5) Weekend Independent Admission Test or No Test!    
33 1995 Oct (7) The Independent Towards a productive education system    
34 1995 Sep (3) The Independent Quest for a healthy job market    
35 1995 Aug (27) The Independent How the market economy should function?    
36 2012 July (03) Financial Express Press clippings on Competition Law” News Item