The core activities of the Center are:

Research Program – the Center conducts multi-disciplinary research works for developing policies for sustainable development.  Areas of research include – economics, political economy of decision making, environment, climate change, economic development and nature conservation.  Research programs are also done in collaboration with other institutions and universities.  No such quiz/survey/poll

Training program – the Center plans to develop training program in the following fields – project design for sustainable development, program evaluation, impact study, environmental valuation, economic policy analysis, tariff design for public utilities, Research and Evaluation, project monitoring, and in similar areas.

Study program – the Center’s study programs are designed to support academic institutions through fellowships, interns and research mentorships.

South Asia program – the Center’s South Asia program facilitates collaborative research and study within South Asia.

Asia First Program – the Center’s Asia First Program is geared towards developing a common understanding on economic policy making for Asia.

Journals of ACD – the Center is planning to launch several journals targeting different groups.  For policy makers – Asian Policy Papers; for academic and research community – Asian Development Papers; for student community – Asian Student Papers.  All of these papers will be peer-reviewed in order to ensure their academic rigor.  Papers published in these journals shall promote the mission of ACD but ACD will not necessarily agree on the views expressed by the authors.

FURTHERMORE the Center is open to ideas from institutions, foundations and corporations around the world to promote economic integration of Asia.