MFF Research Review Workshop II

By | June 18, 2015
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 June 17, 2015: Dhaka

Webinar/Seminar: Review of the Research Findings: Economics of Mangrove and Coastal Ecosystem Services

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) is a partnership-based initiative promoting investments in coastal ecosystems that support sustainable development. MFF provides a collaborative platform for the many countries, sectors and agencies tackling the challenges to coastal ecosystem conservation and livelihood sustainability and is helping them to work towards a common goal. MFF has been providing Small Grants Facilities to local communities to achieve these purposes.

The Asian Center for Development (ACD) has been mentoring the research initiatives on ecosystem services for MFF in Bangladesh in collaboration with SANDEE resource persons.  In February 2015, ACD used a call for research based on feedback and discussions with resource persons selected three research proposals to study: a) Economics of Sylvo-Fisheries, b) Economics of Mud Crab Harvest; and c) Economics of SGF.

Objectives of the Workshop
This Review Workshop is designed to understand the preliminary findings based on field data, to provide feedback by mentors of the research studies, and to develop a strategy of way forward for the research studies.

Members of the Research Teams, IUCN Officials, Economists and Resource Persons from India, Bangladesh and Nepal and MFF Secretariat will attend the workshop and provide feedback to researchers.

Workshop Agenda and Links