Research Report Produced by the Center
no Author Title of the Report Coverpage Download Link Year
3 Haque, A.K. Enamul, and Estiaque Bari Garments Workers in Bangladesh – Social Impact of the Garment Industry cover-page-garments-industry-19-11-15 (2) Full Report on 2015
2 A.K. Enamul Haque, Dipankar Aich, Rizwana Subhani, Estiaque Bari and M Abdullah Abu Diyan Tale of a Tamed River – Value of Ecosystem Services of Teesta River Teesta Cover Full ebook on 2014 Dec
1 A.K. Enamul Haque Evaluation of Char Vision Project of ORBIS Charvision Report (464 x 600) Report 13-01 Orbis's Char Vision Project Evaluation Report 2013