Mangrove for Future – Research Initiative

Asian Center for Development and IUCN, Bangladesh has signed a contract to initiate research on Ecosystem Services related to conservation of mangrove ecosystems in Bangladesh.  This part of the initiatives is taken by IUCN, Bangladesh in coastal areas of Bangladesh and known as the Mangrove for Future project

Workshop 3: Dissemination Workshop on Mangrove and Coastal Research

A two-day workshop was held in Dhaka by IUCN Bangladesh and Asian Center for Development to review and disseminate the results of the research findings on mangrove and coastal ecosystems on 29-30 July 2015. The first day of the workshop was held at the Insight Institute of Learning where Mentors and Research Teams discussed and fine-tuned the research findings. Dr. Saudamini Das of IEG, University of Delhi and Dr. Santadas Ghosh of Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, India.
The second day of the workshop was held at the BRAC Centre Inn and was inaugurated by Abdullah Al Mohsin Chowdhury, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of Bangladesh and Md. Yunus Ali Chief Conservation of Forests chaired the concluding session.
Dr. A. K. Enamul Haque presented the summary of research findings of the three research papers. Dr. Ziaul Haider of Khulna University, Suzana Karim of Dhaka Univeristy and Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman of Chittagong University presented detailed research findings in the workshop.


Day 1: Venue – Insight Institute of Learning, Dhaka

BD Time Agenda item Resource Persons
1000-1200 One to One Sessions 1000 1200
1000-1200 Mud Crab Economics SG 1000 1200
1000-1200 Economics of SGF SD 1000 1200
1000-1200 Sylvo-Fisheries CBA (on skype) HL (online) 1000 1200
1200-1400 Lunch Break 1200 1400
1400-1530 30 mins presentation by each resarch teams on discussion. SK/ZH/MR 1400 1530
1530-1600 Tea Break and conclusions 1530 1600

Day 2: BRAC Centre Inn, Dhaka

BD Time Agenda item Resource Persons
830-900 Registration
900- Connection with Skype begins for online participants: skype name:
900-1040 Inauguration Session
900-915 Welcome address Dr Anwara Begum Shelly
MFF National Coordinator, Bangladesh
915-935 Summary of outcomes from Mangroves and Climate Change Component of MFF in Bangladesh Mr Enamul Mazid Khan Siddique
Assistant Project Manager (Bangladesh), MFF
935-955 Summary of Research Findings by Professor Dr A K Enamul Haque
Executive Director, Asian Center for Development
955-1035 Self-Introduction of participants and Discussions
1035-1045 Address by Session Chair Mr Abdullah Al Mohsin Chowdhury
Additional Secretary (Development), MoEF and Member of MFF Bangladesh NCB
1045-1100 Tea Break
1100-1230 Technical Session I: Mud Crab Economics
1100-1120 Economics of Species Extinction Dr Santadash Ghosh
Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, India
1120-1145 Results: Mangrove ecosystem, mud-crab farming and value chain Professor Dr Ziaul Haidar
Khulna University and Principal Investigator atShababMurshid Development Foundation
1145-1215 Discussions Participants-Facilitated by Dr Enamul Haque
1215-1230 Address by Chief Guest Dr Mihir Kanti Majumdar
Chairman, Polli Sanchay Bank and Former Secretary of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1400 Technical Session II: Economics of Small Grants Facility Projects
 1400-1420  Economics of measuring impacts Dr Saudamini Das University of Delhi
1420-1450 Results: Effectiveness of MFF-SGF Programs Ms Suzana Karim
Institute of Health Economics, University of Dhaka and Principal Investigator at Unnayan Shamannay
1410-1440 Discussions Participants-Facilitated by Dr Enamul Haque
1440-1500 Tea Break
1500-1700 Technical Session III: Mangroves and Aquaculture in ChakariaSundarban
1500-1520 Co-existence of Mangroves and Aquaculture in ChakariaSundarban: Technical Possibilities Professor Dr M Shahadat Hossain
Institute of Marine Science and Fisheries,  Chittagong University
1520-1540 Economics of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Presentation by Dr Heman D Lohano
1540-1600 Results: Economic Feasibility of sylvo-fisheries in Chokoria Dr M Mahfuzur Rahman
Institute of Forestry and Env Science, University of Chittagong
1600-1630 Participants-Facilitated by Dr Enamul Haque
1630-1700 Concluding Session
1630-1640 Summary of the workshop and key messages for policy makers Facilitated by Chair
1640-1645 Vote of Thanks Mr Ishtiaq Uddin Ahmad
Country Representative, IUCN
1715-1730 Speech of the Session Chair Mr Md Yunus Ali
Chief Conservator of Forests, GoB
Member Secretary, MFF Bangladesh NCB

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Workshop 2: Discussion on Findings

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June 17, 2015: Webinar/Seminar

BD Time
Agenda item Resource Persons
0915-0930 Registration
0920 Skype test with HL, SD, SG, EH, RA OD
0930 Connection with Skype begins: skype name: OD
0930-1000 Inauguration  
Introductory Remarks by Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque, ACD
Welcome address by Dr. Ishtiaq Uddin Ahmad, Country Reprsentative, IUCN
Welcome note by MFF HQ RA
Self Introduction of participants
1000-1015 Tea Break
Technical Sessions EMK/ABS
1015-1215 Presentation 1: Sylvo-Fisheries CBA Institute of Forestry, CU
1015-1055 Economic Feasibility of sylvo-fisheries in Chokoria Sundarban MR
1055-1115 Comments from Resource Persons HL & EH
1115-1125 Comments from MFF team(s) RA/EMK/ABS
1125-1135 Open Discussion
1135-1155 Energy Break
1155-1215 Summary of way forward by the Research Team and discussion MR
1215-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1530 Presentation II: Mud Crab Economics Shabab Murshid Development Foundation
1330-1410 Mangrove ecosystem, mud-crab farming and value chain ZH
1410-1430 Comments from Resource Persons SG & EH
1430-1440 Comments from MFF team(s) RA/EMK/ABS
1440-1450 Open Discussion
1450-1510 Energy Break
1510-1530 Summary of way forward by the Research Team and discussion ZH
1530-1730 Presentation III: Economics of SGF Unnayan Shamannay
1530-1610 Analyzing the Effectiveness of MFF-SGF Program on Household and Community Resilience to Climate Change in Bangladesh SK
1610-1630 Comments from Resource Persons SD & EH
1630-1640 Comments from MFF team(s) RA/EMK/ABS
1640-1650 Open Discussion
1650-1710 Energy Break
1710-1730 Summary of way forward by the Research Team and discussion SK
1730 End of Program  
SD – Dr. Saudamini Das, IEG, Delhi will be on skype
HL – Dr. Heman Lohano, SANDEE, Kathmandu will be on skype
SG – Dr. Santadas Ghosh, Biswavarati, West Bengal will be on skype
RA – Raquibul Amin, MFF, Bangkok will be on skype
EH – Enamul Haque, ACD
MR – Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman
ZH – Dr. Ziaul Haider
SK – Suzana Karim
OD – Ontiq Dey
EMK –  Enamul Mazid Khan
ABS – Mrs. Anwara Begum Shelly

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June 1-4, 2015

Mangroves and Climate Change Component Review Workshop

Dr A.K. Enamul Haque Director of Asian Center for Development presented summary of the progress in the three research studies on magrove and coastal ecosystem  at the Mangroves and  Climate Change Component Review Workshop held in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam from June 1-4, 2015.  The workshop is attended by MFF Partners from Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

EH MCC Review Workshop_Template for Summary Papers and Presentations

2015 MFF Presentation Enamul Haque

Contract signed for MFF Research

IUCN and 3 Researchers have already signed contract to complete the three researches suggested at the Research and Training Workshop held in Colombo in February.

Researchers are:

Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman and his team, Institute of Forestry, Chittagong University
Dr. Ziaul Haider and his team, Shabab Murshid Development Foundation, Dhaka
Ms Suzana Karim and her team, Unnayan Shamannay, Dhaka

Research and Training Workshop on Economics of Mangrove and Coastal Ecosystem Services held in Colombo

Workshop 1 report: MFF Workshop 1 Status Report


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Jointly Organized by
Asian Center for Development (ACD)
South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE)
Mangrove for the Future (MFF)

  • In the second day of the workshop (25 February, 2015) Dr Santadas Ghosh spoke on “Survey Methods for Coastal Livelihood Studies”, Dr. A.K Enamul Haque spoke on “Valuation of River Ecosystem Services – case of Teesta River in Bangladesh” and Dr. Heman Lohano spoke on “Questionnaire Design”.
  • ACD-SANDEE-MFF have started a two-day workshop on the Economics of Mangrove and Coastal Ecosystem Services at a local hotel in Colombo from today (24 February 2015). The Country Representative of IUCN Sri Lanka Mr Ananda Malawatantri, SANDEE Advisor and CEO of Asian Center for Development Dr. A.K Enamul Haque and Raquibul Amin from Mangrove for the Future (of IUCN Regional Office in Bangkok) were present at the inaugural session. At the plenary session Dr. Santadas Ghosh from Visha Bharti spoke on mangrove ecosystems and livelihood issues, and Dr. Saudamini Das from IEG, Delhi spoke on the Economics of regenerated mangroves in Gujraat.
  • Participants from Maldives, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and from Sri Lanka were present at the workshop. Dr. Zaiul Haider, M Zakir Hossain Khan, Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman and Ms Suzana Karim presented their research proposal after the plenary session.
  • Workshop on Economics of Mangrove and Coastal Ecosystem Services, 24-25 February, 2015; Held in Colombo at the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel in collaboration with SANDEE and MFF.  Program details
  • Call for Proposal  Deadline February 10, 2015.

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