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Asian Center for Development has started a Thesis Repository Service for students in Economics and in allied disciplines.  The service will be available for free.   ACD will keep the abstract of the thesis in the public domain as a part of its library service while the electronic copy of the thesis will be available to interested institution/individual at a nominal fee.  The service charge is designed to maintain the database only.  The database will be available by Country and by Institutions.

Asian Center for Development agree to publish these materials as a part of its public services and will not hold copyright of these materials.  Our objective is to ensure that the research monographs of our talented students are available in public for review.

The service will be known as “Thesis Repository Service“.    Thesis written in English and accepted towards completion an undergraduate or a graduate studies in Economics and in allied disciplines by a recognized academic institution in Asia will be accepted for review by the Asian Center for Development.  A Panel of Reviewers will evaluate the Thesis for inclusion in the repository.  Once recommended by the Panel, the thesis will be included in the repository.   The author of the thesis will be a Student Fellow of the Asian Center for Development.  Thesis must be submitted in electronic form in pdf or in doc or in docx format.

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