Asian Center For Development

Asian Center for Development began its operation in 2013 with an objective to promote the concept of Sustainable Asia.  In doing so, it promotes research cooperation, exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge and also understanding among researchers and academics in Asian Countries.   ACD is run on not-for-profit basis by Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque who is the Director.   It has a Board of Advisors from different countries in the world who are also engaged in promoting Sustainable Asia.  There are three layers of engagement for people who are interested in engaging with activities of ACD: Honorary Asian Fellow – a few individuals who are invited by the Board of Director of ACD to become its Honorary Asian Fellow;  Senior Asian Fellow – invited by ACD’s Board when a name is proposed by a member of its Directors/Advisors, and  Asian Fellows who either are applied or requested by the Board to join and collaborate in research through ACD.

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