Sharjil Haque’s Writings

Here is the link of published and monographed articles of Sharjil Haque, Asian Fellow.  Sharjil Haque is currently working at the IMF, Washington.

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6 Opportunities and challenges for higher sovereign rating 1 September 2015  The Financial Express   Weblink
5 Which Factors Affect Probability of Women using Prenatal Care? – the case of Bangladesh Asian Development Policy Review 2014:2(2)  ADPR-2014-2(2)-39-46
4 Strategies for Bangladesh Bank—II: Supervision of banking sector 18 March 2015  Finanacial Experess 17 March Dhaka 18 March 2015
3 Strategies for Bangladesh Bank – I: Strengthening monetary framework 17 March 2015   Financial Express 18 March Dhaka  20150317 sharjil 04_100
2 Pairs Trading Strategy in Dhaka Stock Exchange: Implementation and Profitability Analysis 1 March 2014  Asian Economic and Financial Review 2014 4(8): 1091-1105
1 Which Factors Affect Probability of Women Using Prenatal Care – the case of Bangladesh 2014 Asian Development Policy Review 2014 2(2): 39-46"