Asian Student Papers

This online refereed Journal focuses on contributing towards the academic and social discourse on Sustainable Development of Asia.  As such, published articles in the journal will be on social and development issues related to a) Economics, b) Environment, c) Energy, and d) Climate Change.

Original articles written in English can be submitted using online portal (see link below).  ASP does not accept any hardcopy submission. Please do not send it by post.  All submissions are in soft form (in DOC / DOCX / RTF file format). Figures shall be in JPG / GIF / JPEG formats.  APA style guideline is used for citation of other works in the article.

Please read about APA guideline for submission.

FAQ: How to submit?
Answer: All submissions are online using this link.

FAQ: What is the file format?
Answer: a) Text file is in DOC/DOCX/RTF format. b) Figures/Diagrams/Maps are in
JPG/JPEG/GIF format. c) Tables are embedded in the text files.

FAQ: Can I submit multiple files – for example – 1 or more Figures, plus DOC file?
Answer: Yes but please zip them into one zip file.

FAQ: What style shall I use for references, footnote, endnote, etc.
Answer: Please use APA style built in with microsoft word reference section for these styles

FAQ: US or UK English?
Answer: Use US English.

FAQ: Is there a fee for submission?
Answer: No, there is no fee for submission

FAQ: Do I have to subscribe the e-journal?
Answer: It will be a free online journal.

FAQ: Is there a limit on the length on Abstract?
Answer: Yes, maximum 300 words.

FAQ: Is it refereed?
Answer: Yes. It is also anonymous. Articles written in Good English will be only reviewed by the Editorial Council.

FAQ: How long it will take for the review?
Answer: Maximum 3 months.

FAQ: Who publishes this journal?
Answer: Asian Center for Development publishes this journal.

FAQ: Can I be associated with the Asian Center?
Answer: Asian Center for Development is a private institution (managed on not-for-profit basis) which is dedicated to bring together researchers working on Sustainable Development Issues on Asia. Lead authors will be offered a 3 years fellowship to the Center.

FAQ: When is the journal published?
Answer: Every year in January it is published. The first volume is due in February 2017.

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